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Mr. Raymond Wong is a professional photographer based in Hong Kong.
He graduated in First Institute of Design and Hong Kong Polytechnics was trained under Master Nicholas Tsui, the renowned photographer in Hong Kong for many years.

Raymond's works have been displayed in many exhibitions. From 1975 to 1986, he was awarded a number of gold medals due to his excellence in photography. In 2001,  he was awarded the Top Ten Best Photographer in Advertisement Shots.

Raymond was course tutor in the First Institute of Design, the Hong Kong Polytechnics and the Photo Center. In 1975, he founded the Raymond Wong Studio and become a professional photographer specialized in food and beverages. In 1990, he was one of the first Asian photographers who were trained in the USA in Food Styling.

專業攝影師汪恩賜畢業於大一設計學院及理工學院商業美術設計, 師承從美留學回港之著名攝影大師徐佩傳(Nicholas Tsui)老師學藝.

作品曾展出多次, 1975至1986年間更獲香港設計師協會攝影金獎多項, 優勝獎多項, 2001年獲全國廣告攝影十佳攝影師獎.

曾為大一學院, 理工學院, 影藝攝影學院及工業總會之專業攝影課程導師, 1975年自組公司 Raymond wong studio 至今, 近二十幾年香港走向專門化路線, 工作主要以飲食為主, 1990年遠赴美國羅省拜師學習食物美指課程, 是亞洲少數受過食物美指訓練的食物攝影師. 


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